The first of many successful jet aircraft from the McDonnell stables, the FH-1 Phantom was the first jet aircraft for the US Navy, with the first delivery taking place 26 January 1945.  The only Navy squadron equipped with the Phantom was VF-17A, from 23 July 1945; the aircraft were later delivered to Marine units, and according to Matthew, this aircraft sports USMC markings.  Specifications as follows:


Engines:          2x Westinghouse 19xB-2-B, 1600lb thrust each

Length:            38' 10"

Span:                40' 9"

GWT:                 9820 lbs.

Top speed:      479 mph

Last delivery May 1948


This walkaround was graciously submitted by fellow Hyperscaler Matthew Quinney.  The subject aircraft is airframe #20 of 61 produced.  Please note the white leather seat padding was NOT considered a standard option while in squadron service!  :)

fh1.instpanel.jpg (88315 bytes)        fh1.port-console.jpg (85422 bytes)        fh1.stbd-console.jpg (73277 bytes)        fh1.stick-floor.jpg (75924 bytes)        fh1.seat1.jpg (52712 bytes)        fh1.seat2.jpg (54422 bytes)

fh1.innercanopy.jpg (51885 bytes)        fh1.canopy-port.jpg (60234 bytes)        fh1.canopy-stbd.jpg (46464 bytes)        fh1.cannon.ports.jpg (41737 bytes)        fh1.nosewheel.jpg (42224 bytes)        fh1.from.port.jpg (50024 bytes)

fh1.stbd.intake.jpg (46218 bytes)        fh1.stbd.exhaust.jpg (70252 bytes)