Ok, I've had request after request to get this done, and at looooong last it's finally available.  This is the F8F-2 on display at the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, FL.  There may be other shots of this aircraft on other rolls that I've simply forgotten I took...I'm in the process of having the ~50 exposed rolls I've got laying about developed, so we'll see.  In the meantime, I hope this proves to be helpful...take particular note of the cowling profile view, then go get your 1/48 Hobbycraft kit and see just how wrong it really is!

f8f.cowling.profile.jpg (52782 bytes)        f8f.prop.jpg (59181 bytes)        f8f.stbd.cowlflap.jpg (46674 bytes)        f8f.stbd.wingroot.jpg (67161 bytes)        f8f.port.wingroot.jpg (40227 bytes)        f8f.fin.jpg (63007 bytes)

f8f.port.gear-fwd.jpg (53372 bytes)        f8f.port.gear-rear.jpg (50552 bytes)        f8f.port.wingfold.jpg (51521 bytes)        f8f.port.wingfold2.jpg (51036 bytes)

f8f.stbd.gear-fwd.jpg (49343 bytes)        f8f.stbd.gear-rear.jpg (49492 bytes)        f8f.stbd.wingfold.jpg (58551 bytes)        f8f.stbd.outerwing.jpg (46716 bytes)