The One-o-Wonder

First flown as the XF-88 in 1948, the Voodoo underwent a radical transformation to become a fantastic interceptor, and one of the longest-serving aircraft in the US Air Force.  From the single-seat A models which entered service in 1954-55, to the two-seat dedicated interceptor B models, and a few RF variants, the Voodoo provided sterling service until it was phased out of ADCOM use around 1982.  Beyond it's impressive size, speed, and capabilities, it's just one of the meanest-looking aircraft ever built, IMHO!  :)

Let me say right off the bat that there are more photos to be had...I've got more "in the pile", so to speak, so this section will expand.  As sad as the A model (54-1443) in the photos below looks, it's worth noting that it is still in ORIGINAL condition, i.e. no repaints over the colors and markings worn while in service, unlike the B models on display.

The F-101A-20-MC (54-1443) below was photographed "in situ" at Tom Reilly's "Bombertown" facility in Kissimmee, FL last August.  Being a long-time Voodoo fan, I certainly had mixed emotions seeing her in this state...I guess the best that can be said is that she's in good hands now, and will definitely cut a dashing pose among the throngs of Mustangs and Mitchells which populate that field!

101a.refuel.probe.jpg (57969 bytes)        101a.canopy.jpg (43087 bytes)        101a.stbd.cannons.jpg (63707 bytes)        101a.stbd.intake.jpg (45096 bytes) (39308 bytes)

101a.stbd.tail-assy.jpg (63224 bytes)        101a.port.tail-assy.jpg (61229 bytes)        101a.aft.fuse-bulkhead.jpg (49355 bytes)        101a.port.j57-well.jpg (65778 bytes)        101a.port.flap.jpg (45671 bytes)

101a.hangar-rash.jpg (40304 bytes)        101a.stbd-gear.jpg (58112 bytes)

The F-101B-80-MC (56-250) below is on permanent display at the USAF Armament Museum at Eglin AFB, FL.  While the markings are definitely on the plain side, the aircraft is reasonably well-kept, and as befits an armament museum, carries two dummy AIM-4 rounds as well as the long-range "gasbags" beneath the fuselage.

101b.cockpit.assy-2oclock.jpg (55176 bytes)        101b.stbd.fwd-fuselage.jpg (45702 bytes)        101b.stbd.splitter-plate.jpg (51246 bytes)        101b.cockpit.assy-10oclock.jpg (41495 bytes)        101b.intercept-ID-light.jpg (31922 bytes)

101b.nosegear.doors.jpg (45232 bytes)        101b.dummy.aim-4.jpg (47374 bytes)        101b.port-gasbag.jpg (39508 bytes)        101b.port.wing.jpg (41118 bytes)        101b.port.tail.jpg (64389 bytes)

101b.nose.gearwell.jpg (65525 bytes)        101b.stbd.gearwell.jpg (46172 bytes)        101b.port.gear-aft.jpg (64949 bytes)        101b.stbd.gear-aft.jpg (73606 bytes)

And here's something fun...would you just LOVE to have a Voodoo cockpit in your living room?!  Tom Reilly does...OK, it's not his living room, but still...he's got a simulator cockpit up against one wall of his facility, almost fully decked out.  Pity I couldn't get down the starboard side of it to get more shots...

101b.pilot-panel.jpg (55119 bytes)        101b.stbd.console-fwd.jpg (73676 bytes)        101b.canopy.inside.jpg (56653 bytes) (80636 bytes) (61586 bytes)

You want MORE Voodoo, you say?  Well, click here and read the entire history of the F-101 family according to Joe Baugher, who tends to know what he's talking about!

There's also a fantastic page on the 60th FIS at Otis AFB in MA who brought the F-101B into service back in 1959...follow this link.