Focke Wulf Fw190D-13

W.Nr. 836017, Stab/JG26



SCOOP! :-)  Thanks to the unparalleled generosity of our favourite Luftwaffe researchers Jerry and Judy Crandall of Eagle Editions, we now have these PHENOMENAL pictures of the Jumo 213E as installed in the Fw190D-13 currently undergoing "re-restoration" at the Champlin Fighter Museum in Mesa, Arizona, as well as a few other very interesting pictures.  Jerry and Judy brought this photo album with them to the Nationals in Chicago, and I volunteered to make the photos available online.  They readily agreed, and hence, we have these 32 shots (so far...) of this most rare and wonderful aircraft.  Of course, these are all copyright Eagle Editions, and are being made available for personal use only.  

Thank you Jerry and Judy, you guys are absolute jewels, and I'm

proud to call you friends!






Here are two photos of some rakishly handsome guys enjoying the company of one of

the world's most accomplished fighter pilots, Major Hans Ekkehard Bob-

former Staffelkapitän of 9./JG54, over sixty confirmed victories, and a hell of a nice guy!

Rakish and handsome guy no.1 on the left is your webmaster hisownself, and

rakish and handsome guy numbah 2 is none other than Tom Curda,

who is a gentleman and a prince for all his hospitality.  Ask us about Jain's All The World's Aircraft sometime... :)


But Wait!!! There's More!!!

Yeah, sounds like a commercial for the Popeil Pocket Fisherman, but seriously...thanks to the assistance of Armand Eshleman and the generosity of Alan Gruening, I am very pleased to present the photos below of 836017 as she is undergoing restoration at Gosshawk.  These were originally posted to Peter Evans' Luftwaffe Discussion Board.  Very, very interesting stuff to be seen here!  As with the photos above, these are copyrighted and intended for personal use only.